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Enterprise Report: Athens-Clarke County Government joins the Worksite Wellness trend

Athens Clarke-County Government joins the Worksite Wellness Trend

Behind a small grey door hidden on the back side of Georgia Square mall, a group of sweaty individuals enthusiastically share high fives and cheers as they work through six training stations in a gym the size of a basketball court.

Echoing over the sound of clinking weights and pounding feet, is the voice of Athens-Clarke county wellness trainer Caroline Beegle. “Heart rates are up,” yells Beegle, “we are going hard, we are strong. I promise it will pay off–it is worth it.”

This is the Wednesday training team of the Athens-Clarke County Wellness program’s boot camp. The participants are different ages, different fitness levels, wear different brands of clothing and are all different shapes and sizes. From the outside they do not look to have that much in common, but what they do share is a desire to get healthy, and the same health insurance provider, the Athens-Clarke County government.

The Athens-Clarke County (ACC) Wellness program is a worksite wellness program implemented through the county government’s employee health insurance. It is a local example of a growing trend in employer involvement in workers’ health…(full story here)